Full In Depth Review

Full In Depth Review


Does your book needs a boost? Have you done all you can but still feel that there’s more do do before your book goes to the editor? A full consulting review can significantly increase the quality of your book. Having a quality, professional, easy to read book will drastically improve your sales. Our full in depth review includes a line-by-line analysis of your manuscript. We’ll pay particular attention to all the items included in our Writing Sample Analysis:

  • Changing sentence structure from passive to active

  • Helping to “show” and not “tell”

  • Looking for cliches and repeated words, and recommending alternatives

  • Optimizing your Flesch-Kincaid Grade level to match your audience

  • Finding and reword sticky sentences

  • Replacing vague and abstract words

In addition to this, our In Depth Review will also cover the following

  • Determine where further research is required

  • Review chapter structure and page layout

  • Check subject matter for consistency

  • Analyse images and artwork for quality and effectiveness

*Note: Our Full In Depth Review is currently limited to manuscripts under 15,000 words.

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