Helpful Publishing Links

The best place to publish paperback and ebooks so that they appear on Amazon.

Use this website to find a voice actor to produce your audiobook. Includes distribution on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.

Use this website to publish and distribute a hardcover edition of your book, or to distribute your paperback to additional channels (as long as you have NOT selected “expanded distribution” on Amazon KDP.)

Helpful Stargazing Links


Use this website to find the dark skies nearest you.

This website provides a monthly two page PDF including a map of the evening sky, as well as a list of the best telescope and binocular targets.

These clear sky charts tell you how clear the sky is estimated to be during your stargazing session. How to read it: darker colors correspond to clearer skies.

A list of astronomy clubs, observatories, and organization from around the world.

Want to know when and where to see the Northern Lights? Use this website!

Recommended Astronomy Software


I have found this to be the most accessible, and easy to learn software for stargazing. However, stargazing software is not a replacement for a good guidebook for two reasons, first, using a computer or mobile devise interferes with your night vision, hindering your ability to see dim objects in space. Second, astronomy software does a poor job estimating what you can realistically see given that limits of the average telescope and seeing conditions.

Software that can be used to convert iPhone .Mov files to .Avi files that can be read by stacking software Registax.

Software that stacks video frames into a single image.