Our Team

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John A. Read

Founder, Author

After an eleven year career in Corporate Finance, John left corporate America to pursue a new career in writing and astronomy. John self-published five books, producing paperbacks, hardcover books, ebooks, and audiobooks. In 2017, John signed his first commercial publishing deals, producing 50 Things to See with a Telescope, and writing 50 Things to See on the Moon.

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Jennifer Read

Author, Lead Designer

Jennifer Read grew up riding horses in the hills outside San Francisco. Her passion for animals led her to a prestigious internship with American Humane’s Film and Television Unit in Los Angeles, California, where she worked on movie sets with wolves, horses, and many other animals. In 2016, Jennifer and her husband, author John A. Read, moved to Canada so that John could study astrophysics at Saint Mary’s University. Jennifer is now a member of the Halifax Junior Bangle Lancers (an equestrian society located in Halifax, Nova Scotia) and a board member at Shakespeare by the Sea. She is also the author of the upcoming book 50 Animals that have been to Space.